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Parrot Video Services offers fast, affordable, quality CD and DVD duplication services

Even if you have the necessary computer equipment for burning your own CDs and DVDs, it is in your best interests to invest in professional CD and DVD duplication services.


First of all, our processes guarantee quality. You won’t have to worry about the possible embarrassment of giving out CDs or DVDs at an event, only to have your guests get home and find out they can’t access the content. Secondly, we have the capacity to produce high volumes of copies quickly and affordably. And finally, we can produce professional quality labels for your discs, which look so much more attractive than your average hand-written Sharpie scrawl.

Whether you need to duplicate DVDs, CD-ROMs, audio CDs, mini DVDs, or mini CDs, we’ll handle the job in house. We provide a quick turnaround without sacrificing quality. Small quantities are welcome.

DVD Duplication: We use premium grade DVD discs for all orders, with quantity duplication performed at 8X to eliminate errors and improve compatibility with most DVD players. We have done extensive testing to ensure that our DVDs will play on even the oldest machines that accept DVD-R discs.

When you order DVD duplications, you get a jewel case and white matte labeling with multi color printing for each disc. We are happy to incorporate a JPEG of your logo in the label. If you need excessive colors, detailed art work setup or design help, glossy labels, or special packaging, this can be arranged at an extra charge.

The minimum order for DVD duplication is 3 copies for $25. Add $1 for a library case with a basic insert. The pricing per disc thereafter is:

  • 1-9 $7
  • 10-29 $6
  • 30-49 $4
  • 50-99 $3
  • 100-499 $2.50
  • 500-999 $2.00

CD Duplication: Whether you need an audio CD, CD-ROM, or mini CD, you will receive premium grade discs. CDs and CD-ROMs come with white matte labeling and a plastic jewel case, while mini CDs come with a glossy label and a plastic sleeve. We can print moderate text on your label and include a JPEG of your logo at no extra charge. We can provide design assistance and special packaging for an additional fee.

The minimum order for CD duplication is 3 copies for $25. The pricing per disc thereafter is:

  • 1-19 $3
  • 20-49 $2.75
  • 50-99 $2.50
  • 100-999 $2.25

We Fix Unfinalized DVDs and CDs

One of the biggest risks in attempting to make your own DVD or CD copies is that you will end up with an unfinalized disc. Whether your mini DVD camcorder broke before you could finalize the disc, or you have received an unfinalized CD or DVD from someone else, you can come to Parrot Video Services for help. We can often finalize and recover the content for you. The process is quick and affordable—just $5 for a single sided disc or $10 for a double sided disc.

Questions? Call Now

If you have questions about a CD or DVD duplication job, please do not hesitate to contact us at 949-240-7141.