Keep Your Memories Safe & Accessible
in the Latest Digital Formats

Digitize Photos and Slides

Put your photos and slides into a format you can use & enjoy with professional photo digitizing.

You can’t enjoy your photos and slides when they’re stuck in a box up in the attic or at the back of a closet. Even worse, when you do dig those images out, you may discover that they’ve become faded, discolored, or otherwise damaged.

Why risk it? Let Parrot Video Services convert your photos into a digital format that will put your memories at your fingertips and help them to withstand the ravages of time. Choose from CD-ROM format with digital image files you can copy, edit, and share, or a DVD slideshow you can play on your computer or on any DVD-R compatible player.

Formats We Digitize

Photographs: Using our quality digital scanning equipment, we can convert any size of photograph from postage stamp size to 8×10 into a high resolution JPEG file. By having us digitize your photographs, you are guaranteed a professional result, with all images oriented correctly and cropped cleanly. Our price is $1 per photo with a minimum order of $19.

35mm Slides: We have replaced the multiplexer transfer process for slides with a high resolution scanning process. We will scan your 35mm slides at 2400 dpi and produce very high resolution JPEG images. Our price is $1 per slide with a minimum order of $19.

Create a Custom Photo Montage

A photo montage is an excellent way to experience the memories in your photographs. Whether you want to use images from newly digitized photographs or slides or from your own digital camera, we can help you put everything together into a professional, attractive, and exciting package.

$3 per photo includes scanning, music, transitions, some effects and opening and closing titles.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Pick out the images you want in your photo montage. Plan for about 7 to 9 photos per minute.
  2. Number the images (on the back upper corner of photographs or slides or in the file name of digital pictures) so we know the order you want the images to appear
  3. Write your title pages. Title pages allow you to incorporate text into your photo montage. We include an opening and closing title page for free. For an additional charge, you can add title pages in between certain photos or even superimpose text on top of your photos.
  4. Supply your music. CD or MP3 or we will download your selection from iTunes at $5 per song.

Want to Learn More?

If you have questions about digitizing old photographs, scanning slides to JPEGs, or creating a photo montage, please do not hesitate to contact Parrot Video Services at 949-240-7141. We’re excited to discuss your project!