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Digital Conversion

Convert from any format to virtually any format at Parrot Video Services.

At Parrot Video Services, our job is to help get your video, audio, and photo content into the format you prefer. Most of the time, this involves converting old analog media into digital format using the latest professional grade equipment.

We can transfer any media to:

DVD: Bring us any kind of videotape, film reel, mini camcorder tape, or Betamax tape and we can transfer the video content to a high-quality DVD you can view on any device that plays DVD-R discs. We utilize color correction, image enhancement, and film cleaning to deliver flicker free full screen video from any source. We promise to treat your delicate vintage media like our own.

CD: Reel-to-reel recordings, cassette tapes, and micro cassettes contain all kinds of irreplaceable treasures, from family oral histories to kids’ music recitals and more. At Parrot Video Services, we can save these vintage recordings from loss by converting them to CD using high tech recording equipment.

However, we can of course convert media in the opposite direction—from new digital sources back to older formats like VHS. We can also help you convert media from one digital format to another.

We can convert from the following sources into any viewable format you want:

SD Cards: Bring us the SD card straight out of your digital camera or camcorder, and we can quickly and easily convert it into a format you can view and share with friends and family. One popular option for digital photos is to compile them into a DVD photo montage complete with music, transitions, and text.

Flash Drives: Thumb drives, memory sticks, and flash drives are ideal for storing media, but not so great for sharing. If you have a bunch of photos, video, or music on a flash drive, bring it in and we can record whichever files you want on a CD or DVD. Choose from a straight storage DVD or a DVD photo montage. Both CDs and DVDs can be duplicated easily and affordably so you can give a copy to friends and family. We work with both Mac and PC files.

Need to Convert to or from a Foreign Format?

If you have a PAL DVD or Videotape, it’s not going to play correctly on your American equipment. Fortunately, we can convert PAL to American format (NTSC) and vice versa. We can also handle conversions to and from SECAM format.
The PAL formats available would be VHS, VHS-C, DVCAM, HDv, MINIDV(SP only), S-VHS(Quasi).

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If you would like more information about digital conversion, or you have any questions about how to get your photos, video, and audio from one format to another, please contact us at 949-240-7141. We’ll be happy to help.