Keep Your Memories Safe & Accessible
in the Latest Digital Formats


Parrot Video Services is a state of the art video lab fueled by Mike Allen’s passion for recording, converting, and digitizing video.

An Obsession Begins

Mike’s obsession with video started back in the early 1980s, when he bought a used ‘Advent’ projection TV with 6 foot screen. The first thing he did was plug in a VCR to its inputs, run an audio cable to the stereo, and pop in a tape. Suddenly, he had the first home theater on the block! He thought to himself…. “Video is cooooool!”

Mike soon got the top of the line VHS video camera (where you had to carry the recording deck in a carry bag, strapped over your shoulder), Hi-Fi VCR recorders, and the recently released VIDEO 8 (8mm camcorder). He used this equipment to record weddings, parties, and special events. Not satisfied with just recording, he acquired four small TV sets to monitor the VHS, Video 8 and BETAMAX tapes as he edited them through the video switching.

Film transferring was the next challenge Mike tackled. He took his dad’s old 8mm movie films and projected them through a high end transfer box directly to VHS for the family members. Needless to say, this was a hit and Mike got his first taste of how fulfilling it is to help people enjoy their irreplaceable family memories in the latest high tech video format.

Getting Started at Parrot Video

Dreams of starting his own video company haunted Mike constantly. Just as he was starting to investigate start up procedures for launching his own company, a friend brought over a phone number for Parrot Video Productions, located only 3 miles away.

Parrot needed someone who wanted to do film transfer and had some knowledge of VCRs plus some basic recording skills. As he was filling out an application, he was also chatting with the owner, Rick Davis, about various video procedures. Suddenly Rick reached over, crumpled up the application, and said, “FORGET THIS PAPERWORK… WHEN CAN YOU START!” Rick hired Mike right away for the Christmas orders that covered the floor in shopping bags, with a small path zig zagging through them to get to the door. Mike’s work was cut out for him.

That was December 1990. Mike jumped in with both feet, excited by the shop’s high-end equipment and professional techniques. He quickly learned the machines, along with the ‘Proc’ amps, enhancers to control the outline, detail, brightness, color and tint, incorporating the white balance on the capture cameras to transfer the best picture possible. To this day Mike uses a mental technique learned from Rick: whenever he looks at a picture he constantly asks himself, ‘How can I improve that image? Is there any way to make that picture BETTER?’

Buying the Company

In early 2002, Rick gave Mike the chance to purchase the name PARROT, the phone number, and the equipment for the film transfer and video conversion department so he could continue to do what he’d been doing for the last 12 years. Mike quickly got an SBA loan, changed the name to PARROT VIDEO SERVICES, INC. and finally had his own company.

Rick had decided to pursue the corporate clients doing interactive CDs for their marketing promos. Please visit him at and check out his other amazing services at … very impressive!

Carrying on a Tradition of Excellence

Parrot Video Services has come a long way since 2002, with the changeover to DVD from VHS. High speed duplication allows Mike to make 52 DVDs or CDs at a time, easily producing hundreds by the end of the day.

Film transfer is still one of Mike’s strong suits, and Parrot continues to be the outlab for many local photo labs, camera and video stores. We also get many orders coming from the east coast!

Time flies down here at Parrot Video Services. Mike has just passed his anniversary of 22 years here. People tell him that he must love what he does, and they’re right! It never gets old. True, everyone’s film may seem to have the same Christmas tree with the same red wagon and the same bicycle underneath, but each project is unique. Each one is special, often dealing with irreplaceable memories featuring family members that have long since passed away. Mike treats it all as if it were his own mom & dad’s stuff!

Today Mike is proud to offer friendly, affordable, and personalized assistance with all kinds of video conversion projects as Parrot Video Services’ President, Owner, Secretary, Treasurer, Receptionist, Senior Lab Tech, Data Input, Invoicing, Billing, Shipping/Receiving, Stock Room Manager, Purchasing, Equipment Maintenance/Repair Tech, & Janitor.

Whether it be corporate or consumer questions, you can call Mike on ANY issue. If he doesn’t have the solution for you, he will gladly point you to those that do!